B same blue suit

 A male TV host on Australia’s Today Show, Karl Stefanovick, wore the same suit for an entire year. No one noticed.

He did it to prove that men are not judged as harshly as women on their looks.

His cohost, Lisa Wilkinson, regularly gets comments on her looks and clothing choices, which sparked this sexism experiment.


It looks to us that Karl is not a dull man. Take a look at the suit’s color: bright blue.


This experiment is helpful, however, for dull men.

We generally wear gray suits. Although we may have several suits with varying shades of gray (but nowhere near 50 shades) and alternate wearing them, they are all the same color nonetheless.

We’ve been concerned that people might make snide remarks about us always wearing the same color. Karl’s experiment puts our minds at ease.


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B same blue suit 2