snowglobe xmas

Snowglobes are a wonderful. Fun to watch. Great way to enjoy winter. You can watch snow blowing around without having to go outdoors where it’s cold and you get wet.

The snowglobe shown above is from the website, specifically here’s its URL: It’s rather expensive. There are less expensive ones on the website.

Here’s a dull one we found on Google Images:

snowglobe 1

Here’s a duller one:

snowglobe 2

Duller yet:

snowglobe 3 dullestkent rogowski snowglobe3

 Extreme Snowglobing:

 snowglobe giant one
In the Surrey Quays Shopping Centre (England)

Museum of the Modern Snowglobe

Home of 188 snowglobes.


Street address:

Vernon Street Studios
6 Vernon Street
Somerville, MA 02145