shady rest

Hi Grover,

I just stumbled upon your Dull Men website, and may I say, I am delighted. It is just my speed.

I don’t know if I am truly a Dull Man, as described in your site, but I do strive to be so. I believe that my family would not quite describe me as dull. Maybe repetitious, or inclined to tell the same story again and again, or predictable. Still, I very much enjoy your philosophy and hope to be, if not truly dull, the perhaps a pseudo-dull person, or a dull wannabe. In any event, I do appreciate the truly dull.

One of my favorite activities, and one that I would highly recommend to everyone, is Sitting Quietly. Recently, there has been a flurry of news items about the dangers of becoming too sedentary, and indeed of sitting for more than 45 minutes at a stretch (no pun intended — one reason that I believe I have Dull tendencies is the frequency with which I make unintentional jokes). I believe this is unfortunate, and at odds with my American culture.

If you remember the American sitcom of “Petticoat Junction,” then you will recall “Uncle Joe, He’s a movin’ kinda slow” (see link: at 0:39 seconds). He is my all-time ideal of a Dull Person. He did plenty of sitting quietly, and more life to him [exclamation point removed]

Anyway, thank you for the excellent, life-affirming web site. It’s nice to know that being dull, or dull-like, is OK. I always suspected so, but now I know. Best Regards,

David A. Freedman
Rehovot, Israel