Tedd lives alone on a houseboat in Freeport NY and is a social worker. Presently he is relationship free. He watches a lot of Yankee baseball games. i don’t think he has travelled out of the greater NY area in about 20 years.

Last week he had a big thrill in which he texted his friends about. UPS delivered a package, and less than a minute later Tedd received email conformation of the delivery.

Hurricane Sandy kept him off his boat for a couple of weeks but thankfully he is back on board.

I attended 4 years of college with Tedd at the University of Buffalo and I can honestly say that in that entire time I can recall nothing memorable about him.

Recent arguments with his friends have centered around who belonged to the better Temple as a child.

Tedd has a “Ninja” and enjoys making Smoothies while relaxing on his houseboat. He enjoys it so much that he has Gifted his best friend Roy one to spice up his life as well . We often share recipes making them together while Texting or Chatting on the Iphone. Our Favorite is Fresh Pinapple and Ice.
BTW he often shares many Youtube links to brighten up our days.

Tedd is an Avid Math Problem Solver, often recalling  Problem Solutions  from his years on the HS Math Team.

Respecfully nomoninta by his friends,

David Schwaber, Roy Klein, Barry Spass