B. The Distance We dull men value determination, commitment, continuity, sticktoitiveness. Right up our alley — The Distance — launched this week. It’s about businesses that go the distance.

B. Horween 1

The first issue is about Horween Leather Company, a Chicago tannery founded in 1905. It is the last tannery left in Chicago. The company, with its longevity—five generations of family ownership — has gone the distance.

Horween makes leather for shoes worn by U.S. presidents, footballs used in super bowls, briefcases, watchbands. Quality products that last for years.

 B. Horween 2

Nick Horween, 30-year-old vice president at the company founded by his great-great-grandfather, says, “It’s definitely been instilled in me since the very beginning that it’s about the product. If the customer can’t tell the difference and you charge a premium, you’re out of business. So it just has to be the best you can make it. You put all the best stuff into it so you can get the best out of it, and get your price. or don’t sell it.”

B. Horween 3

The magazine will be building a vibrant community of interested readers who share fascination with stories behind long-running companies. Mom-and-pop stores and holes-in-the-wall that go unheralded.

They ask for suggestions from readers — so send your ideas to them:

There is a multitude of businesses out there that we can only discover with your help. These are your neighborhood’s hidden gems—those If you know of a great business that is at least 25 years old or have other feedback for us, please drop us a line at tips@thedistance.com.