Hi there

I just found you on Google and love your site. It’s hilarious. If you’re interested, check out my Dull Co-Worker blog: thedullcoworker.blogspot.com

I’m also on Twitter under the same name

Have a great day!
Rhonda (aka The Dull Co-Worker)

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Picture from The Dull Co-Worker’s Blog

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Dear Rhonda,

Thanks for your email to us and the link you blog.

One posting that caught our eyes was The Love Boat where you wright abut your job as a Purser on a cruise ships. It caught out eye as several DMC members are Pursuers.

The questions Earth People asked you are hilarious. “What time if the Midnight Buffet?” “Does the crew sleep on board?” “Do I have to go to the Mandatory Boat Drill?” “What time do the waves stop?”

Your DTCM — Dull to Cool Movement — is a great idea. We look forward to following it closly. Please keep us posted.

We noticed that your blog contains exclamation points, as does your email to us as well. This shows, once again, that we dull men are better off if ladies are not members. You do, however, appear to be an excellent candidate for membership in our auxiliary group, the Decent Women’s Club.

Sincere (Dull Men are always sincere, mostly),