Alan Abel

There is good news and bad news from Serbia. The good news is that citizen Novak Djokovic became the Number One tennis champion of the world at Wimbledon. But the bad news for many in Serbia is that genocidal maniac Ratko Mladic has finally been captured, after sixteen years on the run, and will stand trial in The Hague for his heinous crimes against humanity.
Djokovic has to defend his tennis title next year. Hopefully, by next year, Mladic will be found guilty for the madness that drove this monster to murder 8,000 men and boys at Srebrenica. What remains indelible is the shame of 400 Dutch United Nations troops that stood by silently and allowed this atrocity to happen.
Millions watched a great tennis match on television between Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic. The whole world will be watching the trial to convict and execute Ratko Mladic. Djokovic got his well deserved justice on the court. Mladic must get his in a different court.

© 2011 Alan Abel