Jan. Clean Off Desk Day

Occurs the second Monday in January every year — a day to:

•  Catch up on filing — finish 2016 and set up new folders for 2017

•  Arrange paper clips by size

•  Arrange pens and pencils by ink colors and point sizes

•  Fill staplers

•  Check batteries

•  Dust everything

•  Throw out stuff

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Although National Clean Off Your Desk Day shows up on various events calendars, we have not been able to find who started it and who sponsors it now. One commentator says many of these unofficial “days” are started and promoted by vested interests. They are often referred to as called “Hallmark Days.” The commentator asks, “Who would start a day for cleaning off your desk — Lysol?” When we look websites that mention the day, most are from professional organizers offering their services.

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January 9, 2017