world turtle day

May 23 — same date every year — 2016 is the event’s 16th year

American Tortoise Rescue

The American Tortoise Rescue (ATR), the event’s sponsors, states on its website the day was created to celebrate the world’s oldest creatures — turtles and tortoises have been around for 200,000,000 years.

It’s also is a day to recognize the critical need to protect turtles and tortoises and their disappearing habitats around the world.


Bunkie, ATR’s mascot, the first turtle ATR rescued

Adopting a Turtle

ATR advises:

  • If you see a turtle crossing a road, pick it up and carry it on across the road to where it was going. Don’t try to make it go back as it will only turn around and try to cross the road again.
  • Don’t remove turtles or tortoises from the wild unless they are sick or injured.
  • If you was a pet turtle, click here to locate one to adopt. Don’t buy a turtle or tortoise from a pet shop as this increases demand for turtles and tortoises from their natural habitats.
  • For more suggestions, visit their website.

Greeting Cards for World Turtle Day


Turtle versus Rabbit

May turtlerabbit3

Our Website’s Heading

As you can see, the turtle is ahead of the rabbit.

Turtle Crossing Sign (turtles can read?)

May turtle crossing sign

Apparently turtles can read; otherwise how would they know where to cross?


'I'm going to be a little late.'

‘I’m going to be a little late.’


Turtle Tunnel

May turtle-tunnel construction

Turtle tunnel under construction


May Township in Minnesota installed a turtle tunnel to help turtles safely cross a busy road.

The tunnel is at a point of the road that experiences high mortality rates for turtles. It’s near a big lake where each spring turtles leave their winter homes for nesting areas on the other side of the road.

The tunnel structure, imported from Germany, is a series of cement blocks that have been hollowed out to form a tunnel.

There is a skylight for the turtles. The tunnel blocks have slots on top that allow light to penetrate the tunnel. The light encourages turtles to enter the tunnels.

Turtle tunnel sign

Sign showing turtles entrance to tunnel

You can read about more this and watch a TV news episode in “Minnesota Town Installs Turtle Tunnel“.