This is a video on YouTube by a young man in the Midwest of the U.S. who built a lawn sprinkler system for his family’s home.

He explains in the video the sprinkler system’s history. Not all the sprinkers were put in at the same time. He tells viewers the dates the various sprinklers were put in.

He takes us through each phase of the installation. He announces a phase, then the camera focuses on the lawn where the sprinklers of that phase are placed. It’s exciting to wait a few seconds, then see the sprinklers rising and start to squirt.

Sprinkler closeup

At one point the town’s mosquito spraying truck pulls by. But he was able to speak loud enough to be heard over the noise of the truck.

There’s a glimpse of the sprinklers on his neighbor’s yard:

Sprinkler in neighbor's yard

At the end of the video, he shows us a behind the scenes shot:

Sprinkler behind the scene