January 4 each year is celebrated as Trivia Day. We love trivia. It’s a safe excitement.

We bone up on it. We make a hit at dinner parties. When things get really boring, as they usually do, we toss out bits of trivia to liven things up.

— Trivia is a plural word — what’s the singular version?


 — Why can’t Santa’s reindeer play snooker (in UK) or pool (in USA)?

Reindeer are colour/color blind.


— How many rivers are there in Saudi Arabia?


— How many railways are there in the Caribbean Islands?

One. It’s in Cuba.

 — Do all mosquitos bite?

No. Only the females bite.

 — What’s the name for the dot at the top of a lower case “i”:


 — What’s the name of the monthly newsletter of the Procrastinator’s Club?

Last Month’s Newsletter

 — Do any ATMs use Latin?

Yes. There’s one in the Vatican:

You have trivia to add? Please email it to us:

54 Fantastic Facts for National Trivia Day” in Mental Floss

Origin of Trivia Day?


We’ve not been able to find when and by whom Trivia Day was established. It’s been suggested perhaps someone who received Trivial Pursuit at Christmas was still playing it into early January. He named a day in its honor.