The Test Card Circle:

A site for enthusiasts of the UK Television Test card

Peter Bryan
Bolton, UK

Peter . . . this is great, thanks for brining it to our attention . . . we’ll be adding The Test Card Circle (founded in 1989, over 200 members) to our section on Appreciation Societies.

The website has an incisive paragraph about The Test Card Circle:

The group called The Test Card Circle presently has a membership of over 200. It was formed in 1989 when a few people discovered they were not alone in enjoying the music played during BBC and ITV Trade Test Transmissions. They teamed up and agreed to appeal in the press and television to investigate whether others had the same interest. It was also decided at the time to publish a regular magazine with readers’ memories and details of music and visual sequences. The publicity resulted in a number of enthusiasts from across the United Kingdom coming forward. Each person who contacted the group thought he or she was alone in appreciating test card music.




Dear DMC
Here is a newspaper article about the BBC2 test card and its accompanying music.  There are also details of a related exhibition in London.
Best wishes
Steve Reszetniak