watching paint dry championships

Goal: After England’s recent disappointments in sports — football and rugby (“it’s more exciting to watch paint dry”) — it’s time to find something at which England can excel. The sponsors of these championships think watching paint dry could be the answer.

How to Enter: send in (1) picture of you watching paint dry; (2) state the longest time you’ve stared at a wall, watching paint dry, without looking away; (3) favorite paint color to watch dry and why.

Worldwide Interest: The championships, which are the first paint watching championships ever to be held, are drawing contestants from all of the world. So far contestants from the U.S., India Russia, Brazil, Australia, China, and Hungary have submitted pictures of their paint-watching escapades.

Bence Baksa from Hungary says he’s watched paint dry nonstop for five hours. Paul Bailey from Wiltshire reports his favor paint color to watch is Magnolia.

Entry Form — click here to get to the form on the sponsor’s website:

entry form

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Deadline: Entries must be submitted no later than January 27, 2012.

Tournament: The top 64 entrants from around the world will be invited to a small town in central England where the paint watching tournament will take place.

For the preliminary rounds, a wall will be painted with the favorite color of each contestant. Contestants will star at the wall for as long as they can. There will be a five-minute break every hour. 

For the semi-finals and finals, contestants will stare at a wall painted iwth a color they dislike.

There also will be a doubles competition.

Prize to Winner: $100,000 and a new coat of paint for your home.

Sponsors:, a source for finding plumbers, electricians, builders, and many other tradesmen.

“We’re pleased that championship point watchers from across the world have put themselves forward for the competition and nominations from as away as India and the U.S. give it a real international flavor.”

“Paint is used through the world so I suppose in a way it’s no surprise we’re had foreign entrants willing to challenge some of Britain’s best paint watchers.”

“For some reason, it is a male dominated event, with no female print watchers in the competition as of this report.”

Brits the best paint watchers? The British claim to be the best paint watchers in the world and far outnumber the contestants registering for the world championship.

 watching paint dry stark scene

Ian Chalmers, three-time winner of
British Paint-Watching Championships

Our favorite paint-watching picture so far. We found this picture on Google Images—whoever it is should send in this picture along with the entry form:

watching paint dry grumpy man