Apr. Admin Prof week 2014

Quite a few of our members work as “administrative professionals.” This is a week they can celebrate. Let’s hope it’ll not be too exciting for them.

Apr. law clerk

There are more than 4.1 million administrative assistants and secretaries and 8.9 million more working in other administrative support roles in the United States. Millions more administrative professionals work in offices all over the world.

The week, sponsored by the International Association of Administrative Professionals, is a time to recognize administrative professionals whose skills, efficiency, and loyalty are key to the function of business and government.


•  What will they be doing to celebrate? Have filing competitions — compete to see who files the fastest?

•  What will the poises be? Five paper clips for the winner? Four paper clips for runner up?

•  Office chair racing?

•  Office chair spinning? . . . how many times can you spin around, while sitting in your chair, it in 15 seconds?

•  The normal rule — that you can’t look out of the window in the morning, otherwise what would you do in the afternoon — will be suspended the entire week?

•  Cake? . . . vanilla, hopefully

Click here to get to the website of International Association of Administrative Professionals.

Apr. filing clerk