Yesterday I saw ‘Grey’ by Gerhard Richter at the Tate Modern. Naturally, I thought of the DMC.

“The colour grey is the epitome of nothingness,” Richter says.

His art is intended to be a complete “non-statement.”

Andy Oxley
Screen 3 Productions



Thanks for this news. Now dull men visiting London have one more thing to do, proving once again that dull men can in fact visit exciting cities and find suitable things to do.

In addition to visiting the Tate Modern, they can ride the UK’s longest escalator at the Angle Tube Station, watch traffic going around all of the roundabouts, ride the London Eye (although we it went slower).

We fondly recall the Tate Modern. In 2011 we blogged about Box Watching at the Tate Modern. “Gabriel Orozco’s Box.” An ordinary empty shoe box on the floor in the middle of an exhibit room. Click here to read our post “Ordinary empty shoe box at Tate Modern attratinb attention.”

We should start working with Screen 3 Productions on filming things like this, perhaps call it “Dull Men Surviving in Exciting Cities.”