Bubble Wrap, close up

Bubble wrap can be fun to pop, it’s fine Safe Excitement:

Equipment needed: Bubble wrap. Floor.

Season: All year long although it is practiced more around Christmas when more packages are arriving.

Technique: Place bubble wrap on floor. Step on it.

Ramp it up: Syncopate your popping. Have others join you, popping along with you.

Go digital with iPhone/iPod Touch: click here for app from Sealed Air Corporation, makers of BubbleWrap, and Lima Sky, designer of apps. With this app, you don’t need to put bubble wrap on the floor to pop it. You can pop it on your iPhone or iPod Touch.


Bubble Wrap Stomp: Click here to watch a video of a Bubble Wrap Stomp.

bubble wrap stomp

Make a Bubble Wrap Stomp T-shirt: click here for instructions and video.

bubble wrap stomp t-shirt

Another Bubble Wrap Stomp