Dear DMC,

I have yet another dull suggestion for your museum page.

The Buxton Museum is located in Buxton, Derbyshire, UK.

The highlight of this museum is the award winning ‘Wonders of the Peak’ gallery, where you can journey through time from the Big Bang to the Victorians.  Seven environments ‘Wonders of the Peak’ within are recreated complete with sounds and smells:

  • wander into the prehistoric forest;
  • see the bear in its Ice Age cave;
  • crawl inside the Neolithic burial chamber;
  • salute the Roman soldier; and
  • “meet” a mermaid.

I can tell you that I was eager to discover what a mermaid smells like.

This is yet another exceedingly dull museum and, so, is perfectly safe to be entered on your site and visited by members.

Many thanks again,