An amazing website — — full of airport carpets that you navigate to from a slowly revolving globe with red dots showing airports covered (pun intended). Click on a red dot to get to the carpet you’d like to see.

We’re looking at each of them now . . . endless hours of fun for dull men.

The dullest one we’ve see so far is Denver:

Airport Carpet DIA

At the other end of the spectrum is Singapore, described as “one of the most psychologically terrifying carports on the world”:

Airport Carpet SIN

Thanks to BBC News Technology, which is where we learned about this.

The BBC description of the website ends with a question we often ask:

“Navigated by swinging round a Google Earth-powered globe, short descriptions and pictures — the more boring the better— tell you all you need to know about global travel. Why bother traveling at all?”

 With so much that can be seen now on the internet, we too often ask “Why bother traveling at all?: