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While the world focused on Gold, Silver, and Bronze medal winners on February 23, the final day of Winter Olympics in Sochi, on the same day in Berkley Springs, West Virginia (“The Country’s First Spa”), another set of winners was announced, more quietly: winners of the 24th annual Berkley Springs International Water Tasting — the “Oscars” of water tasting.

This year’s entrants came from 18 states, 3 Canadian provinces, and 12 other countries.

This was the first year there was an entry from Africa. It was an entry from Tanzania. With this entry, all five continents were represented at the tasting.

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Tap Water:

1st — Clearbrook, British Columbia

2nd — Santa Ana, California

3rd — Greenwood, British Columbia

4th (a tie) — Dickinson, North Dakota and Montpelier, Ohio

5th — Emporia, Kansas

Bottled Water:

1st — Castle Rock Water from Dunsmuir, California

2nd (a tie) — Natural Spring Water from Eldorado, Colorado and Samaria Natural Springs Water from Crete, Greece

3rd — Moutain Drop from Linthicum, Maryland

4th  (a tie) — Element from Vmjacka Banja, Serbia and Avita Premium Artesian Alkaline Water from Roscommon, Michigan

Ironically, this event took place not far from Charleston, West Virginia where on January 9 a chemical spill tainted tap water in nine counties. Tap water coming out of faucets of 300,000 West Virginians smelled like licorice.

There was no entry from Charleston in the Berkeley Springs tasting this year.

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