Sock of Month Club

Is there anything more suitably exciting for a dull man than receiving a new pair of socks?

How about making a dull man happy at least one day each month by giving him a subscription to a Sock-of-the-Month Club?

Socks for each monthfrom Sock of the Month Club


New York Times article “Sock-of-the-Month Clubs Rise Online, Bringing Subscriptions to Feet” [December 3, 2013] tells us much about these sock clubs. 

A word of caution: many of the socks from the sock clubs mentioned in the article are too exciting:

Socks not for DM 1

Socks not for DM 2.1

Socks not for DM 3


We found one that has socks for us,, and there may be more when you search in the other clubs: