Galapagos Turtle

Dear DMC: Am out of my comfort zone but I will suggest three items:

1.  An inspiring Utube documentary about the Galapagos turtles. These guys live over 100 years because they wisely don’t get too excited about anything. This is from BBC’s “Life in Cold Blood” documentary series:

2.  Haven’t researched fully, but am certain there are sufficiently inspirational videos from the sloth sanctuary of Costa Rica.

3.  There are numerous zen rock garden apps on the internet. What says more to the Dull Man in ur life than giving the gift of sand he can endlessly rake to no effect? And, on his wild hair days, he can reposition a rock.

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Ben Smith
Rockville, Maryland


Thanks Ben. It’s fascinating to watch the video — to see how slow and steady the turtles move.

The video surprised us — there’s a sex scene. At first we thought we should caution readers about it as sex can be exciting. But, after watching the video, we see that’s not the case with turtle sex.

As for your second and third points, thanks for pointing to the Sloth Sanctuary and zen apps. We’ve started to dig into these.


We found the Sloth Sanctuary of Costa Rica:

Sloth Sanctuary Costa Rica

A one of the Zen Rock Garden apps, click on its icon:

Zen Rock Garden app