1.  What is the Dull Men’s Club?

It’s a place for dull men and women to like to be with dull men to feel at home, to be comfortable, free from pressure to be in-and-trendy. We avoid glitz and glam. We enjoy safe excitement.

Our motto is “Celebrating the Ordinary.” We delight in ordinary things, things that many people think are dull. The 12 men on this calendar exemplify this.

2.  It’s OK to be dull?

Yes. A main purpose of the DMC is to assure members it’s OK to be dull.

3.  What is “safe excitement”?

Watching paint dry is of course the classic example. But there’s more: watching grass grow, watching ice melt, listening to corn grow, watching wood warp, and much more.

Listening to corn growing in Nebraska

4.  Is the DMC a movement?

No. We prefer to stay put.

5.  Is the DMC fighting for some sort of “rights”?

No. At least not yet. So far, we’ve never had anyone interfere with our right to remain dull.

6.  Is the DMC one of the 12-step programs — trying to get men to change?

No. Dull men avoid change.

We are a step program — but only two steps:

1. We admit we are dull.

2. We’re going to keep it that way.

7.  What’s the DMC’s greatest accomplishment?

Remaining dull in spite the many temptations and distractions we face today — temptations to do exciting things.

8.  Are dull men the same a boring men?

Yes and no. Boring men are dull men. But not all dull men are boring men. Boring men are dull men who don’t know when to stop; they go on and on and on.

9.  Besides boring men, are there other types of dull men?

Yes. Another type, a type that’s at the other end of the spectrum, are what we refer to as extroverted dull men.

A characteristic often found with an extroverted dull man is, when he’s talking with you, he’s not looking down at his shoes. He’s looking at your shoes.

10.  Are dull men the same as nerds?

No. Nerds do nerdy things like wear a glasses strap or a plastic shirt pocket protector for pens and pencils.

11.  Are dull men the same as grumpy old men?

No. Grumpy old men continually complain. Dull men don’t complain the same as grumpy old men. Dull men do complains about certain things, however, like a TV or radio being too loud.

12.  Are dull men idle like in the Idler?

No. Dull men are not idle. Dull men do things — ordinary, everyday things that need to be done. They particularly like to do routine things.

They like tickable lists, especially to-do lists — the trill of ticking things off their lists.

13.  Do dull men wear anoraks?

Yes, depending on the weather of course.

We like to watch the weather forecasts on TV. After a while, we take a break from that and phone around the country to see whether it’s really happening.

14.  What’s a good gift to give a dull man?


15.  Do dull men have a favourite color?

Yes. It’s grey.

We have an iPhone app “Favorite Shades of Gray” that is available for free on Apple’s iTunes.

16.  Do dull men have a favorite flavour?

Yes. It’s vanilla.

17.  What’s a favorite book for a typical dull man?

A dictionary. Words are nicely arranged in order in a dictionary.

18.  What’s the one thing dull men do best?


19.  What’s a favorite type of vacation for a dull man?

A staycation.

20. What are you called — dullards?

No. We’re dullsters — opposite of hipsters.

21.  Test: How can you know whether you qualify to become a member of the DMC?

If you’ve read these FAQs as far as this, you qualify.

If you qualify and wish to sign up for membership, you can email us at membership@dullmen.com to request your Certified Dull certificate for men or Associate Member certificate for ladies.

Ladies' Cap Gray

Ceretificate of Membership leter size 2014 09 13