Glouster Cheese Roll

On a steep hill, Cooper’s Hill in Gloucestershire, 5,000 people turned out yesterday to watch cheese-rolling.

This is now an unofficial event organized by “rebel” cheese rollers. The official event, held for many years, was shelved in 2010 because of safety and insurance reasons.

The cheese rollers chased 3.5kg (8 pounds) wheels of double Gloucester cheese down the steep hill.

Read more about it in BBC News Gloucestershire.

Glouchester Cheese Roll 2

Glouchester Cheese Roll 3

Gloucheseter Cheese Roll winner

This is far too much excitement — danger — for dull men. The cheese rolling we like took place in Stilton earlier this month. It was on level ground. Click here to read about it on BBC News Cambridge:


Even the clergy participated — Holy Rollers: