Two days ago we spoke negatively about the Gloucester Cheese Rolling. It’s not that we don’t like cheese.

We like cheese — unlike the winner of this year’s cheese rolling. “Gloucestershire cheese-rolling champ ‘doesn’t really like cheese‘” was the headline in BBC New Gloucestershire. The winner, Josh Shepherd, said about his victory, “But I don’t know what I’m gong to do wit the cheese. I don’t really like cheese.” The he added, “Unless it’s melted, cheese on Toast maybe.”

Gloucheseter Cheese Roll winner
“I don’t really like cheese.”

 Not only do we like to eat cheese, what we especially like to do is watching it age.

We were pleased a few years back, in 2007, when West Country Farmhouse Cheesemakers established Cheddar Vision, a web cam filming the aging process:

West Country Cheesemakers

Some of our American members, extremely dull members, like Velveeta.


 Is Velveeta really cheese?

Eamon Taler, DMC member

29 May 2014