The British Lawnmower Museum in Southport, Lancashire, UK, has a fascinating display of over 100 lawnmowers.

There are lawnmowers made by Rolls Royce, Daimler, Hawker Sidley and British Leyland. There are lawnmowers of the rich and famous.

There is fascinating information about the history of lawnmower racing, which we think is a good form of safe excitement. Lawn mower racing had its origins in a meeting of enthusiastic beer drinkers at The Cricketers Arms, Wisborough Green, West Sussex.

The first British Grand Prix meeting for lawn mowers ran at Wisborough Green, West Sussex in 1973 and attracted 35 drivers who drove mowers ranging from a 1923 Atco to a brand new eight horsepower Wheel Horse. There were races for run-behind mowers, towed-seat mowers and the type you sit on top of. These formed the classification system for present-day lawnmower racing, which are Class 1: Run Behind, Class 2: Towed Seat Type and Class 3 , The Sit on Type.

Warning: music on website; we think country & western.

[Thank you Dan Appleby for telling us about this museum and website.]

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