Dull Men who find listening to music to be too exciting often enjoy simply listening to a metronome.

Old Fashioned Metronomes

Old fashioned metronomes can be bought at music stores and from online stores.

metronomes elegant

Click here to get to a big online music store we found on the web that has many metronomes like the elegant one above

Is this one doing the twerk?

Online Metronome

Click here for an online metronome. It’s easy to use. Simply choose a tempo on the dial, then click the “ON” button:

metronome online


Metronome Apps

There are many metronome apps for iPhones. Here’s an article “Five Best Metronome Apps.”

Poème Symphonique For 100 Metronomes — Ramping it up— Extreme Metronoming

Click here for a YouTube video of 100 metronomes all playing together — a Metronome Orchestra.