Watching paint dry is, hands down, the leading dull activity. Watching paint dry is synonymous with being dull. It’s so easy to do. You simply paint something, then pull up a chair and watch. To ramp up the excitement, use a rocking chair.

The Official Watching Paint Dry Webcam

The Official Watching Paint Dry Webcam allows viewers to watch paint dry without actually painting a wall. Viewers have fun using control buttons on the website to move the ladder to the right, left, or center.

Digital Paint — it drys digitally — never needs repainting

The website watch-paint-dry.php shows paint drying on your computer screen. Convenient because the paint never drys. So when you want to watch again. all you do is hit your computer’s refresh button. Much easier than repainting a wall again.

Going Professional

Having the last laugh about watching paint dry is Keith Jackson. Keith gets paid for it. He is a professional paint drying watcher. The London transport system hires Keith when they are painting their underground stations to advise on when it is OK for subway passengers to walk on the station floors again.

Keith stares at the paint for hours, occasionally touching it with a finger to see how it is coming along.

Click here to read more about Keith in London’s The Daily Mirror.


Watching paint dry is now, of course, on YouTube. There are several videos on YouTube of watching paint dry.