National Pinball Museum (Silver Spring, Maryland)

This museum does not exist yet. It is a dream of David Silveman. David, who lives in Silver Spring, Maryland and is a landscaper specializing in Japanese gardens by day, is a self-confessed full-tine pinball fanatic. He has collected 867 pinball machines over the past 30 years.



You can read more about David and his collection in an article “Maryland man with 867 pinball machines dreams of opening museum” in The Washington Post on January 2, 2010.

it looks to us that David’s museum will hold the record for number of pinball machines in a museum. The Pinball Hall of Fame in Las Vega, described next, is a museum of pinball machines also. The information about it does not say exactly  how many pinball machines are housed in it; the information only says there are approximately 2000 machines in the museum.

Pinball Hall of Fame (Las Vega, Nevada)


The Pinball Hall of Fame, www.pinballmuseum,org, is sponsored by the Las Vegas Pinball Collectors Club to