The Pork Pie Appreciation Society

pork pie

The Pork Pie Appreciation Society began in 1982 at The Old Bridge Inn in Ripponden, Yorkshire, an inn that dates back to 1327. A group of men, who had reached their 30s and started working at the local fitness club, went to the inn after their workouts. After a few pints, a member of this group pulled out a pork pie produced by his wife and shared it with his mates. As this continued week after week, the man earned the title of “pie fetcher.” The Pork Pie Appreciation Society was born.

The pie eating did not begin as a competitive event. Week by week comparisons were inevitable, however, and eventually scorekeeping. Competitions are now held regularly.

During these competitions, the pie testers are encouraged to eat quietly — to not give away their judgments on the pies. Clues are evident, however. The condiments box provides the best clues. No particular signal is sent when a member uses HP sauce. Things are not looking good for a pie, however, if a member reaches for Chinese Oyster sauce, soy sauce, Worcestershire sauce. If it’s Tabasco sauce, that’s it for the pie.