Roundabout Appreciation Society

If you like roundabouts like I do, you’ll enjoy the website of the Roundabout Appreciation Society.

As is explained in circle after circle of information on the website, this society had its start in Christmas 2002 when Kevin Beresford of B.B. Print Digital Ltd, a printing company in Redditch Worcestershire, was wondering what kind of calendar to give to the company’s clients that year. He figured that clients had become bored with the traditional trotting out of Beckams, Jordans, Naked Old Ladies, and Six Pack Firemen.  Kevin and his colleagues at work racked their brains. They came up with the most unique calendar in history — The Roundabouts of Redditch — twelve stunning shots of the very best roundabouts Worcestershire had to offer.

It should be pointed out that there was competition to get on the calendar as Redditch is home to no less than 41 splendid roundabouts. For the record, Redditch also has a twenty-four hour Tesco and three prisons (but no cinema).

One thing I especially like about this website is its circles of information. Once you finish reading what’s in one of the circles, you click on an arrow to get to the next circle, which of course has more information. It’s like going through a roundabout and then on to the next roundabout. It reminds me of the fun I have on the A316 coming out of London, through Twickenham and on to the M3.


The website lists useful jargon about roundabouts, such as:

  • A crusoe: a roundabout with a very large island
  • A Greek island: a roundabout with a sculpture in the middle of it
  • A geek islander: a roundabout spotter who takes it too seriously
  • A titchmarsh: an island roundabout with a beautful floral display.

Road signs for roundabouts in the UK are less intimidating than the road signs for roundabouts in the US:

roundabout sign