The Sauna Appreciation Society


The Sauna Appreciation Society has a lot of good information about saunas, a rather dull pastime, which, until Nokia cell phones came along, was the most exciting thing Finland could come up with.

Is there anything much duller than taking a sauna? Sitting in a hot room waiting to sweat? And then telling yourself you are enjoying it?

Enjoy a brief history of the sauna. Saunas have existed in various forms for thousands of years. The first saunas were holes in the ground. A hole would be dug large enough to fit the entire tribe. The hole had a fire pit in its centre. And a roof. The Finns, being practical people, liked roofs over their saunas to retain the heat and prevent things from falling in like rain and snow.

There is sauna humor on the website:

If yuu kets a sliffer in yuu packside from ta pench, ton’t holler tuu lowt. Naypers vil tink vee putersing a pic, ant pe looken for porks sops next tay, ant rit avay pe asken, “Vhen ta het cease pe ton?”

(If you get a sliver in your backside from the bench, don’t holler too loud. Neighbors will think we are butchering a pig, and will be looking for pork chops the next day, and right away be asking, “When the headcheese be done?”)