The Traffic Cone Preservation Society

This is the most comprehensive source of coneology we have ever come across, truly providing a great service.

To begin with, this society has a field guide to cones. This guide, which has pictures of course, lists not only the common names for each cones but the scientific (Latin) names as well, names like Orange Conecone (Conus traficus), Blue Conecone (Conus smurficus), Leper’s Blackfoot (Conus leprecus), Esther’s Cone (Conus estheris), Giant Cone of Madagascar (Conus giganticus), Northern Petal Cone (Conus florapodis), Lesser Striped Cone (Conus zebricus), Whiffle Cone (Conus whifflis), Bumble Cone (Conus buzzicus), Purple Pylon (Conus grapius), Greater Rufous (Conus redicus), Dward ConeCone (Conus tinicus), Swiss Hatted Cone (Conus suizicus) and the French ConeCone (Conus francaisicus).

From the society’s home page, you can navigate to their “join us” page where you can join and print out a membership card:

traffic cones

Traffic Cone Appreciation Society

The Traffic Cone Appreciation Society loves traffic cones.

For everyone who can’t walk past a traffic cone (whether drunk or sober) without picking it up and taking it back to their crib [exclmation points deleted, three of them]