Yesterday, Manfred Heinze in Osnabrück, Germany celebrated with a triple EiBrot. You’ll meet Manfred soon in our 2022 calendar. He is Mr. October for 2022.

The International Egg Commission, organizers of World Egg Day, say:

“Owing to their broad range of nutrients, eggs are a healthy, nutritious and affordable part of the diet for people at all stages of life, including growing teenagers, pregnant and lactating women, the elderly, and infants, particularly those in nutritionally vulnerable areas.”

“The health benefits of eggs are vast. They contain 13 essential nutrients, including choline, which supports foetal brain development; vitamin B12 and iron for child growth and overall brain function; and iodine, which aids the healthy functioning of the nervous system and maintains healthy skin.”

Manfred had his first EiBrot when he was a tad over one ear old. By now he has eaten over 9,000.

He has extended eggs into the art world. In addition to being an egg enthusiast, He is as visual artist.

At breakfast one morning in 2008, his daughter suggested that, since he’s an artist, he should make art with EiBrote. He agreed. Since then, he photographed every EiBrot he had. He began posting them on Instagram in June 2018. Over 1,000 are posted there now.

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